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The site is devoted to promoting the corrected pedigrees of the early imported Thoroughbred mares as well as providing hypotheses for some mares whose parentage is unknown.  In North America the first volumes of the stud book, as with all early stud books, were compiled with errors or incomplete pedigrees.  Since no early volumes were reprinted with corrections, the errors continue to be repeated.

Bloodline enthusiasts are familiar with the family number designations Bruce Lowe assigned to families originating in Great Britain and recorded in the General Stud Book.  Bobinski assigned families originating in North America numbers as well.  In addition to the numbered North American families is a list I've made of the remaining families not included by Bobinski.  The families require recognition for the purpose of tracing family lineages.

North American Numbered Families
North Amercian Families - No Bobinski Numbers
Imported Mares listed in American Stud Book
Imported Mares not listed in ASB

A great site to visit is Bloodlines created by Elizabeth Ross

For pedigree software, visit Pedigree Planner

For more Thoroughbred History, visit TB Heritage

For a view of a South American breeder, visit Haras El Paraiso

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In addition there are numerous people who have been generous with their time to share information from various other resources.  Thank you.

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