58. Place's White Turk Mare (f Place's White Turk)
    Selaby Turk Mare (f Selaby Turk)
      Hutton's Grey Barb Mare (f Hutton's Grey Barb)
        Coneyskins Mare (f Coneyskins)
          Lister's Snake Mare (f Lister's Snake)
            Rib Mare (f Rib)
              Regulus Mare (f Regulus)
                Herod Mare (b f 1779 Herod)
                  Hopeful (b f 1800 Sir Peter)
                    Shuttle Mare (b f 1807 Shuttle)
                      Dick Andrews Mare (ch f 1812 Dick Andrews)
                      | Cinderella (ch f 1822 Walton)
                      |   Maid of Monton (ch f 1834 Recovery)
                      |     Lancashire Lass (b f 1850 Gameboy)
                      |       Lady de Trafford (br f 1861 Longbow)
                      |         Wilmslow (b c 1868 Macaroni)
                      Lady of the Vale (ch f 1817 Mowbray)
                        Phantom Mare (ch f 1823 Phantom)
                          The Lawyer's Lady (ch f 183 Perion)
                            CHIEF JUSTICE (ch c 1847 The Hydra)  Manchester Cup

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